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28 February 2007 @ 10:26 am
I'm still all googly-eyed over my own new toy. After having played with it some more, though, it seems that I'm only getting about 1280x720 resolution, which isn't native. But it's still freakin beautiful! I'm going to have to check for new drivers and whatnot, to see if I can get to native, which is like 1366x768 or something crazy like that. I'm very happy as it is, but it can still be better.

Yesterday, I hooked up my Praystation 2 to it. It made my Praystation very happy to be hooked up to something that sexay. The picture is fantastic, and this is with regular cables. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to hook up the high-def cables and see how happy my Praystation will be then. (^_^) It seems, though, that there aren't very many wallpapers out for my current resolution (although I like this one. Maybe there's more out there for the native one?

I'm very much looking forward to playing with my new toy. Unfortunately, I've got lots of current homework due in Calculus on Friday, and this may seriously hamper the amount of playtime I get.

*sigh* <3 32" LCD TV <3
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25 February 2007 @ 01:29 am
Today, I finally bought the TV that I've been dying to buy for like a year and a half. It's a 32" LCD TV. It's one of the lower-end models, but it's still phenomenal. The resolution is a bit lower than I'm used to, but it's freakin huge! The brightness is way less than the higher-end models, but it's still waaay brighter than a regular LCD monitor. I'm going to have to turn it down, in fact...

It's going to serve quite well as a monitor. It even weighs less than the one I had there before. :P I think I'll end this post, but I'll add a picture...

16 February 2007 @ 10:50 am
Worth a click. Please, please please please, please let my local car dealership get one of these.
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14 February 2007 @ 10:55 am
Business as usual, though. Work, school, etc. Spam is out of control. I wanted to watch a video just now, in order to put it on here, because I found it funny, but I had to create an account on that service in order to make it happen. Simple enough, right? So I enter my stuff, click the "send confirmation e-mail" only to find that the Spam is out of control in my mailbox. Again.

I've come to the conclusion that my current webhost is no good. There is a mailbox on my account whose address is PRIVATE (that is, the only thing it's been given away for is personal e-mails from real people that I know in real life). It gets Spam, too. It's not a word found in a dictionary, nor is it a common name. There's no way in hell it could've been "guessed" by so many spammers. Therefore my webhost *must* be selling addresses. Additionally, they have "automatic upgrades", from which you must opt-out. Ironically, the most recent "automatic upgrade" was a SPAM filter. Heh. No thanks, I won't pay you $35 a year to solve a problem that I'm convinced you caused anyways. But, I'll tell you what I will do -- I'll go give my money to another company, and change the address at which I answer e-mails. How about that?

When I do that, though, I better get a form ready on my website so that those who don't talk to me regularly can still get ahold of me.

Anyways, the video sucked, so I won't torture you by putting it up here.
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12 February 2007 @ 10:27 am
It's raining outside. It makes me want to not do very much today, even though normally I like the rain. I don't want to walk to the car, I don't want to drive to work, and I don't want to stay there for the rest of the day.

I guess it could be worse though. I could be constantly in a rush (like, now, I can take a few minutes to gather my thoughts), I could hate my job (and therefore once I get to work, the day will just *drag* by), and I might not have a good game to go home and play. Yeah, things could certainly be worse.

I saw the movie Babel over the weekend. I feel inspired to write. The film centered around communication (or, specifically, lack of), but the imagery of the film is spectacular. I was very fascinated how it tied together four distinct cultures in four different parts of the world, and the way it conveys life in those four parts. I feel like I'm an enlightened person for having watched it. Plus, there's lots of Japanese fuzz. (ha!)

Kidding aside, though, it re-awakened in me the desire to see Japan. Someday, I want to live in a modern 30th floor apartment, and look out over a large Japanese city, and get to see a brightly lit skyline in the middle of the night. It makes me hope my friend Suzuki-san comes through with his promises of photos of real-life Japan. (^_^)
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09 February 2007 @ 12:19 pm
Today, I'll not get very much real work done.

My day started at about 06:30. At work, I got chatted to for like an hour (my neighbor, Chris, and I get along well). Next thing I know, I've not even made it through my e-mails, and it's time to go to Calculus. Had a quiz (I think I did well, in spite of not getting more than a few homework problems done). Now, time to go back to work. Gotta stop of by the college, first, though. Once I get back to work, I'll get to work for maybe half an hour, then I have a lunch meeting. Then I'll get another hour of work, then two meetings back-to-back. I have so many freakin meetings today that Chris is going to attend one of those meetings for me and take notes. :P

Back to the salt mines!
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05 February 2007 @ 03:21 pm
I'm getting organized again. *waits until the panic dies down*

It includes daily to-do lists, weekly to-do lists, and so on. So i'm compiling lists, which will give me lots to do for many days. :P I think I've spread myself too thin -- so I'm going to concentrate a bit on a daily battery of tasks. Once I go through my daily stuff, you'll understand better. But first, I want to tell you about my new job.

It's a good time to start this, because my life has changed a bit in the recent past. I've gotten promoted -- I'm salaried management now, woot! My entire life isn't in a rush like it was before -- I'm living at a leisurely pace for the first time in many years. And it feels gooooood. :) It might have to do with the position I'm in, the hours I'm working, the fact that I'm getting paid significantly more, etc. Very likely a combination of all these things.

Since I don't work in a call center anymore, everything's no longer on fire all the time. Before, I worked 12-hour days at an hourly wage, to put out fires all night. The advantages were that I got 3-day weekends every week, plus I loved the night shift. I enjoyed the people I worked with, and enjoyed my job. There came a point, though, where they pulled out a different chair for me, and I sat. And I like my new chair. Now, stuff's almost *never* on fire. I get better hours (e.g. dayshift), I get paid *way* better (although I have to work 45-hour weeks now), and I've got special dispensation for school hours. Pretty sweet, if you ask me. Plus, I get to be a nerd -- I get three workstations (Windoze, Linux, Mac). I work around 3,000 other nerds. Life's pretty good if you ask me.

My daily routine will include building my daily schedule and lists (except on Monday, on which I will build my weekly lists too), work, calculus, a tiny bit of Japanese, a tiny bit of computer stuff (setting up new downloads, burning DVDs, system backups, updating Webpage), updating Journal, and likely playing a game. I also have so many freakin TV shows that I'm currently watching, that I need to get on with that, too. Not to mention my Final Fantasy habit that eats up hours each day.

Hmm. I just realized I go to work to escape my hobbies. Heh.

Today's Time Wasters: USB Humping Dog (buy it here), Superbowl Commercials, Opt out of unsolicited mails/calls/cookies, Wil Wheaton's Blog
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11 August 2006 @ 11:45 pm
I'm baaack!

I've finished the framework for my website and created some pages with some good stuff on it. They're not anywhere near complete -- it will be a work in progress for a long time, but it's basically finished, nonetheless. Alpha was finished when everything worked, and now Beta's pretty much done too. I solved the music problem by using a flash mp3 player instead of a perl backend -- much easier than learning a whole new language. I'm still working on Perl, but I like this solution better. (This one gives me volume control, too, for example.)

So browse on over to http://www.atucker.net/ and check it out. Try not to get caught in a temporal browserframe causality loop (2 pts for technobabble!), as this exact page is referenced on that site. (^_^)

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30 January 2006 @ 06:34 am
My new website is postponed while I research Perl. Basically my idea is to not only have a music section with a few downloadable snippets of songs, but to also have entire songs load at a reduced volume in the background. The problem with this is that I have way more music that I want to share than I do pages in my webpage. So I've decided to go with a random song chooser, or maybe a round-robin kinda deal. Either way you'll eventually be able to look at a playlist and download a bit of a few of the songs.

Had I intended to keep it down this long, I would have put /something/ up in the meantime. Sorry 'bout that. New goal is to have *something* up there by Valentine's day.

In case you're interested, nothing new on the homefront. Started Calculus again (still in school). Still working like a dog (woof, woof). My data PC (Garnet)'s White Mage lv 50 (BLM 30). Dark Knight up to 21, woot! Finally got Chains of Promathia installed, just in time for Treasures of Ahi-Urhgan to come out. Not really procrastinating on anything, just too busy to get anything done (mostly with FFXI and schoolwork).

By the way, Yoko Kanno rocks.
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17 December 2005 @ 10:01 pm
My new and improved webpage (still not dynamic) has a full skeleton. It's more complete than the prior incarnation already though, and I'm more excited about this one than I was about that one. Although all the links work, it's still in alpha. And I've sorta figured out how to integrate my LJ into it without paying for it, coz I'm a big geek like that.

I'm planning on adding content and having it published around Christmas. Go me. ^_^

The song below is from the Chobits soundtrack.
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